My material practice manifests the non-visible sensations associated with health conditions. Revealing these hidden ailments fosters empathy and furthers understanding of how health conditions are disabling on a chronic scale.

Using a postdisciplinary approach, my practice includes, but is not limited to, functional and sculptural ceramics, textiles, large scale installations, video, and accumulated medical objects and documents. As my lived experience of pain and illness is constantly evolving, so too have my medium and forms of expression. This postdisciplinary method is also inspired by philosophical elements of posthumanism. Applying this theory to art making, has expanded my practice to collaborating with animals, the weather, and time, as well as, incorporating more diverse materials and processes.

Chronic health conditions are comorbid with routine visits to doctor offices, hospitals, pharmacies, and not-so-patiently waiting on-hold with insurance companies. My practice evokes the livelihood impacts of living with chronic illness and navigating for-profit health care industries and its effects on individuals. I advocate for disability rights, including a more expansive definition of disabilities and for its destigmatization within cultural media and political discourse because affordable and accessible healthcare is a human right.